Drive chain quality is good or bad judgments


How to identify the quality of the transmission chain is good or bad? The quality of the transmission chain judge the way.
Transmission chain is usually a metal chain or ring, used for mechanical transmission. Transmission chain, including transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain, chain of four major professional specialty chain, flexible components made of its rigid components make it a versatile mechanical basis, we identify the hardware chain generally drive chain from the drive chain Appearance, precision, elongation and other aspects of judgment.
The appearance of the drive chain inspection
1. Inside / outside the chain is deformed, cracks, embroidery
2 pin is deformed or rotating, embroidered
3 roller is cracked, destroyed. Excessive wear
4. Whether the connector is loose
5. Is there any abnormal noise or unusual vibration during operation, and the lubricating condition of transmission chain is good?
Testing method
Chain length accuracy should be measured according to the following requirements
A. Before the measurement, the transmission chain is cleaned
B. The drive chain will be measured around the two sprockets, the upper and lower sides of the measured drive chain should be supported
C. Before measuring the drive chain should be applied in the third ㄧ minimum ultimate tensile load to stay 1min
D. Measurement, the transmission chain imposed on the provisions of the measurement load, so that the upper and lower transmission chain tension on both sides of the chain should ensure that the normal gear
E. Measure the distance between two sprockets

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